President Page

John Jordan and I were invited to Honesdale Aerie # 1856 to Honor five of their 50-year members on October 1,2022. When John and I arrived, we were greeted by bartender Lisa. We also meant Aerie officers,  President Tom, Secretary Ron, Treasurer Debbie, Inside guard Jen, Outside Guard Jim, Trustees Lynn and Cliff, Jr Past Worthy
President Doug and Auditor Steve. After dinner John Fritz Pennsylvania State Representative of 111 Legislative District was the Master of ceremonies. He gave a little background on each 50 Year members and presented each member with award. The 50-year members honored were Anthony Herzog, Steve Soden, Clifford Bates, Steven Carmody and John Nolan. This was a great event to honor their members. On October 7,2022 I traveled to Falls Creek Aerie # 965 where I was greeted by Mike White Pa State Conductor, John Ramsey District # 2 Director, Membership Chairman John Jordan and Mike Delio Pa State 3rd year Trustee and Aerie secretary. After dinner at the Falls Creek, we all head to Reynoldsville Aerie # 540. We were greeted by bartenders Sherry and Renee. I also meant Howie District # 2 Chairman. After some adult beverages and a couple games of shuffleboard. John Jordan and I return to the hotel. The next day John Ramsey took my membership
chairman and I to Clearfield Aerie # 812. We were greeted by bartender Amber. I also meant Aerie Officers, President Anthony, Vice President Joe, Secretary Justin and Trustees Don, Gregg and Robert. I meant Auxiliary Officers, President Kelsey, Secretary Salina, Treasurer Kandy, Conductor Robin, Trustee Diane, and Jr Past Worthy
Presidents Jen and Valerie. On to Sykesville Aerie # 4454 where we were greeted by bartender Heather. After talking to some members, we were off to Punxsutawney Aerie # 1231. I meant bartender Angie and Trustee Bill. Next Stop was Brookville Aerie # 983 where we meant bartender Pam, secretary Phil and trustees Nick, Keith and Bill. After talking to everyone at Brookville John Ramsey, John Jordan and I returned to Fall Creek Aerie # 965 for their Membership Appreciation Party and pig roast. I got meet bartenders Maria, Betty and Megan. Aerie Officers
In attendance were President Matt, Treasurer Ernie, Secretary Mike and Trustees Brian, Mike, Dan and Bobby. Auxiliary Officers in attendance were President Lawrie, Treasurer Gloria and Jr Past Worthy president Becky. Unfortunately, I was not feeling well and returned to the hotel. John Jordan stayed and said a great time was had by all. I would like to thank all the Aerie, Auxiliary Officers and members for the donation to my Charity!! Next stop was Eastern Regional Conference in Kearny New Jersey. On Saturday October 22, 2022 Eastern Regional Presidents William Dow, Kearney Aerie # 2214 and Judith Grey, Depew-Lancaster Auxiliary # 2962 opened the Conference with a joint meeting. Grand Aerie & Auxiliary Representatives in attendance were Mary Gutierrez,
Grand Madam Vice President, Elaine Regi Grand Madam President and Bob Wahls, Honorary Past Grand Worthy President. Joint training was held. I learned a lot of great Information during the training that can be shared with my Aerie officers and members. If you have never attended an Eastern Regional Conference, you should. There is a lot of information and ideas shared during the meetings. A note on membership, I know we talk a lot about signing up new members but please don’t forget to retain the members you already have on your roster.

Thank You
Clinton Slima
Pennsylvania State Aerie President.

November 19 - 20, 2022 –District 11 Tour/ Kutztown Thanksgiving Dinner.
December 17, 2022 – Blairsville Christmas Party/ District 8 Tour.
January 13 -15, 2023 – District -2 Tour & Meeting
April 15, 2023 – State President’s Joint Testimonial, Carlisle

Special Occasion Permits

Permit authority
Special Occasion Permits allow eligible entities to sell alcohol during fundraising events such as bazaars, picnics, etc.

• A Special Occasion Permit may only be granted for an event used by the applicant as a means of raising funds for itself.
• Only the area where sales of alcohol will take place needs to be licensed under the permit. • Special Occasion Permits may only be used for nine consecutive or nonconsecutive days and an additional 10 consecutive days during a calendar year.

Advance Application
• An entity that has never been approved for a Special Occasion Permit before must submit an application at least 30 calendar days prior to the event for which the Special Occasion Permit is sought.
• If an entity has been granted a Special Occasion Permit in the past, a Special Occasion Permit application must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance of the event.

Review the list of eligible entities to determine if your organization and event may qualify for a Special Occasion Permit, then visit PLCB+ to apply for a permit. Paper applications will not be accepted.