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 March 8 - 9, 2024 District 9 Dinner Dance/ District Mtg. Gettysburg #1562 
 March 15-17, 2024 District 2 Tour & District Meeting Punxsutawney #1231
 April 20, 2024 State President’s Joint Testimonial Tony Angelo #01188
 May 18-19, 2024 District 3 Tour & District Meeting New Castle #455

Pa. State President Joe Bargella and I went on a two day tour, Friday 12/15/23 & Saturday 12/16/23. 
We started at Aerie #1801 Somerset. We were greeted by President Shifter, trustees Ray, John &  Doug, Auxiliary President JoAnn who also doubles as the main cook. Bartenders John, Anna & Danielle served us. We said our hellos to everyone in the Aerie then the Officers presented a donation check of $1,000.00 to Joe’s Charity. We said our good byes and wished everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, then started back on out tour. Next stop, Latrobe #01188. We were greeted by President Seth, V.P. Kevin, Secretary Ed, chaplain Jay & PWP Jim. Bartenders Athea & Evelyn served us. We made our way around the Aerie and spoke with everyone in the Aerie. We sat for awhile then the Officers presented a donation of $500.00 to Joe. We wished everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New year then we were off again. Derry #1612 was our next stop. Greeted by President Richard, 
Trustees Dave & Bill. Bartender Shelly served us. We spoke with everyone and then were fed a nice 
meal. We both loved the halupki with sides. I’m a cheeseburger fan so I had to indulge. They presented a check for $250.00. We wished everyone well and all the Holiday gestures. Joe was staying at Blairsville, so before going back to the room, we stopped at Aerie 31488 for a nightcap. Sophia 
for $500.00 for Joe’s Charity. We wished everyone well and Merry Christmas then started off. 
Jeannette #844 was next. Greeted by President Chris, Trustees John & Gary, Secretary Rhonda and 
Treasurer Adele. They were having their Christmas Party, the food was excellent. Bartender Hope 
served us beverages while we ate. We stayed quite awhile in order to talk to everyone. They donated 
$200.00 to Joe’s Charity and we were on our way. One more stop , back to Blairsville #1488. It was 
their Christmas Party. We were greeted by president Dave, Trustees Jim, Robert & Mike, Secretary 
Dwaine, Chaplain Ted & PWP Alex. Bartenders Jackie & Sophia served us. We had spoken with someo 
of the patrons on Friday night but we managed to stop and talk to everyone in attendance Saturday 
night. Blairsville topped the charts by donating $3,000.00 to Joe’s Charity St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I wished everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year then had to make my way back to Latrobe #01188, my home Aerie. It was our Christmas Party. Joe stayed behind with all of the members. Before I left , our Pa. State Madam President Jen showed up.Joe & I would like to thank everyone for their hospitality during our tour and thanks again for all your generous donations. The total amount given was $5,450.00. We hope that everyone had Happy 

God Bless
Ned P.
Pa. State Membership Chairman

Special Occasion Permits

Permit authority
Special Occasion Permits allow eligible entities to sell alcohol during fundraising events such as bazaars, picnics, etc.

• A Special Occasion Permit may only be granted for an event used by the applicant as a means of raising funds for itself.
• Only the area where sales of alcohol will take place needs to be licensed under the permit. • Special Occasion Permits may only be used for nine consecutive or nonconsecutive days and an additional 10 consecutive days during a calendar year.

Advance Application
• An entity that has never been approved for a Special Occasion Permit before must submit an application at least 30 calendar days prior to the event for which the Special Occasion Permit is sought.
• If an entity has been granted a Special Occasion Permit in the past, a Special Occasion Permit application must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance of the event.

Review the list of eligible entities to determine if your organization and event may qualify for a Special Occasion Permit, then visit PLCB+ to apply for a permit. Paper applications will not be accepted.