Pennsylvania State President Report
C. Michael Clepper
June 2019

On Saturday, June 8th, 2019 I was installed as your new Pennsylvania State Aerie President for the 2019-2020 fraternal year. It was an honor to become your new State President and it was especially rewarding to have fifteen members our family attending and witnessing this event. It made me proud to have such support from the family since nine of them belong to the Aerie and Auxiliary. I want to thank 1299 Aerie and Auxiliary, District 9, and all Eagles throughout Pennsylvania for their support.

A special thanks to Aerie 1299 and District 9 for their help in the hospitality room. Also, a special thanks to Sylvia Clepper, Carol Wahls, and Patty Frownfelter for making the chickencorn soup, BBQ, pickled eggs, chicken salad, and the chili. I also want to thank Joel and Patty Frownfelter for having the Saturday morning breakfast to raise money for Deb Mcferron’s and my charity. A special thanks to Jim Gross, Ken Yohn, and Mark Bahr and all of the people that helped them with the hospitality room and John Kruger and his wife for manning the hospitality room during the banquet and installation.I want to thank Bob Wahls, Mel Fry, and Larry Mendenhall for installing all of the officers for the ensuing year. Also, I would like to thank my son-in-law Ric Stehman for the music Friday and Saturday nights.

My charity for the year will be the Gittlen Cancer Research at Hershey Medical Center. My charity got off to a good start with donations from the Pennsylvania Past Presidents for $1,000.00, the night cappers for $300.00, from Larry Monn $50.00 in memory of John Samuels, Larry and Kelly Mendenhall $25.00 and Joel Frownfelter $207.00 from the Saturday morning breakfast, John Mcferron $255.00 for getting his haircut, and $50.00 from the District Eleven hospitality room, $40.00 from John Kruger, $20.00 from Judy Gray, $274.00 from the Carlisle Hospitality Room, and $25.00 in $5.00 fines from Butch Smith, Clint Slima, Ray Roberts, Jack Shirey , and Larry Mendenhall, and $200.00 from Reynoldsville.

Again, thanks to all who took part in this convention and let us all go out and get plenty of new members and work for our charities this year. Bob Wahls will be my Membership Chairman and Advisor to the State President.


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