State President’s Report

H. James Hinderliter

Membership Chairman’s Report

March 2017

Hello Brothers and Sisters

On March 3rd, my membership Chairman (Rick Clinger) and I went on a tour of District #1. Our first stop was at Grove City # 1895, where we met up with Howard (Butch) Smith District #1 Director. we were also greeted by Trustee Scott Pompa, Trustee Rick Reedy, Treasurer and District Treasurer Phil Stemmerich, Chriss Mangan member, and Ron Gault the bartender. There was coffee and Donuts waiting for us. Thanks. Grove City #1895 Presented me with a Check for $200.00 towards my Cancer Fund. Thank you very much.

Next we traveled to Franklin # 328. We met up with Trustee Kevin Dilly, along with other Members, we also run into Joe Brinkley. we spoke with the members for a while. From There Butch took us to Oil City #283 were we meet Trustee Scott McClellan.

Next stop was Greenville #805. When we arrived there, we were greeted by Trustee Chairman Rosanna Black, Trustee Waldo Gaszatt, Vice president Tom Marrid, President Rick Curtician, Inside Guard Larry Irwin, and Kayla the Bartender. They had sandwiches and potato salad there. thank you. We talked to a lot of the members there, getting to meet a lot of nice people.

Our next stop was Meadville #429. There we met Vice President Ed Nichols, President Tom Cambell, Trustee Chairman Dave Ditch, Conductor Victor Vidoni, Treasurer and Cook Joel Cerro, Member Jim Welsh, we spoke to alot of great members. Thanked them all for having us. We did not make it to the other Aeries in the District but hope to soon. from there we headed home.

On March 17th we took off for District #3 tour. Arriving at 10:30 am at New Castle # 455 were we met up with 2nd year STATE TRUSTEE Clint Slima and his wife Cathy also From Ambridge #1365 Lou Peronis District #3 Director. Past Worthy President Ray Kolodziej was also there. we drank a soda pop while we talked to everyone there. From there we headed to Ellwood City #1246 Arriving at 12 noon. we meet up with District #3 Chairman Pete Poninsky, New Brighton Past Worthy President and Past district #3 Chariman Rich Murrell and his wife Carol Whom is District Secretary, Also Trustee Paul Main.

From There we went to Ambridge #1365 arriving at 2:10 pm. we were treated to Hoagies and Potatoe salad and in honor of St. Patricks day we had a Green Beer. we meet trustee Joe Vanyo, And President Judy Vanyo. we ate, drank our green beers, talked, then we were off. Next was Freedom #1429. We were greeted by a lot of people. Secretary Loren Mishholder, Trustee Chairman Tom Lentz, Trustee Dave Mitchele, Past Trustee Rob Dunbar, a 50 Year Eagle Member Bob, another member Joanne, Outside Guard Art Knox, Bartender Trish, ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTE Louanne Waxler, Robin Merkle, Margrette Zickefoose, Amanda Koncewicz,Daneille Beining, Past Treasurer Jim Traister, Past Treasurer and Secretary Joseph Noss, Head Bartender and Chaplin Stephanie Wheling, Conductor Shelley Wolf, Past Treasurer Jackie Dunbar, President Shawn Mason, Vice President and Limo Driver Joe Bergandy. We did a lot of talking here, it was Great. I was also presented a check from Feerdom #1429 for $500.00 toward my Cancer Fund. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Our Next stop was New Brighton #1342 were we meet Trustee John Young, Treasurer Diane Young, Past Worthy President Gary Rombold, Past Worthy President Brad Fabyanic, Past Outside and Inside Guard Renee Fabyanic, Trustee/ Past Worthy President Kent McDerma, along with several members Ron Eaton, Charlie Trimbur, Anne Yothers John Yothers, Nick Campagma, John Fabyanic, Scott Hughes, Joanne Hughes, Jona McDerma, Joe, And Member/ Bartender Rich Bebout. we all talked for a while, had a few Beverages, then we went to our hotel for the night.

Sunday March 18th, we went to District #3 Meeting. We Had A Nice Meeting. I spoke of my Cancer Fund and of The Memorial fund. Rick Spoke about the membership, and were we stand for my bet with Madame State President Beth Howell. Keep up the good job Aerie Members. I REALLY DONT WANT TO WEAR THE RED DRESS.

At the Meeting, I was Presented a check from #1365 Ambridge for $250.00, #1342 New Brighton for $500.00. A check From District #3 For $250.00, A Check from District #3 Chairman Pete Poninsky for $25.00, And A Cash Donation from Ernie Farance of $50.00. Thank you all So Much. From there we headed for home. Great weekend.

President’s Visitation Schedule

March 17th: District 3 tour

March 18th: District 3 Meeting at New Brighton #1342

April 14, 2018 State Madam President Testimonial – Latrobe #01188

April 21, 2018 State President Testimonial – Clarion #3807

Of course my Membership Chairman (Eric) Rick Clinger will be joining me on these dates.

Any Aerie that would like to have us visit their Aerie, please contact Pa. State Secretary Dwaine Shupe

REMEMBER Liberty, Truth, Justice and Equality

H.James Hinderliter P.A. State President 2017-2018