Pennsylvania State President Report

Stanley C. Hill Sr

September, 2018

On 9/7: I went to Gettysburg Aerie # 1562 to pick up John. We went to the state golf

outing. We checked in at the hotel; and stop by Kittanning Aerie # 699 talked with

the members about membership we stayed a while and then head to Ford City

Aerie # 606 met Scott the Aerie Secretary and the shuttle driver had drink and took

the truck to the hotel and rode back on shuttle stayed for a while the had a DJ that

night had a great display for the golfers. On 9/8: Went to golf course spoke to

golfers and Bob Wahls hit the 1st ball for me as I don’t golf. Had a blast going

around with Roy’s Daughter on the course as they didn’t want me walking around

all day in the rain. Had a good turnout 98 golfers and 12 Aeries were represented

which is up from last year. Most of the golfers persevered the elements due to rain,

wind and low temperature to finish the 18 rounds of golf. Afterwards everyone

headed to the Aerie for a meal which was very good. Ford City Aerie & Auxiliary

done an outstanding job of hosting the event. The State Aerie was represented By

Psp Bob Wahls, Psp Melvin Fry, Psp Scott Brasile, Psp H. James Hinderliter , Vice

President C. Michael Clepper, Trustee Joseph Bargella and Conductor Michael Delio.

I can’t thank the Aerie enough for the weekend and room and the Auxiliary for the 

basket. I want to especially thank Scott , Roy and all the others to many to

remember for taking their time to do this for our members. THANK YOU THANK


On 9/9: We headed home stopped by Harrisonville Aerie # 4274 spoke with the

members awhile and Bartender. They are putting in a new walkway out front to

make it better to get in the aerie in bad weather . We left there and headed back to

Gettysburg to drop John off.

On 9/14 : My wife and I went to Bethlehem for Fall Conference. We met up with

John, Ralph and Steve at the hotel so while there we toured the District 11 we went

to Allentown #110 we talked with President John, Treasurer Rick, Trustee’s Greg,

Tim and Mike, Aux President Sue, Aux Secretary Jodie, Bartender Denise and 

members. 2nd was Stroudsburg # 1106 where we talked with Trustee Buddy and

quite a few members. After that we headed back to the hotel for the night.

On 9/15 : We headed to our 3rd stop Kutztown #839 we talked with President Mike,

Trustee Mark, Treasurer Deron , Bar Manager Marci and Bartender Missy we stayed

awhile and then back to the hotel for the meeting with the Ladies. We had dinner 

then and on with the show. We were treated very well and had a good time. At the

end of the event we went to our 4 th and last stop for the weekend Bethlehem #

284 we had a couple of drinks when I was called up for a presentation By Genie

Lutseo. I told them what my charity is Art Ehrmann Cancer and why. I received 2

checks of 100.00 Dollars each 1 from the Aerie and 1 from the Auxiliary. Thank you

very much Mike and Tammy Hadden. I had a great weekend Thank all for allowing

me in your events!!

We were asked for the Pa. State Background Checks Portal: UJS

Go to Common Pleas Court Docket Sheets

Search Type: Participants Name - Hit enter

Remember, I Believe in each of you.

Remember if you want either John or myself to visit you must contact the State





October 12-14th – Eastern Regional Conference

November 3rd – PWP Banquet – Carlisle #1299

November 9-10th Keystone Conference – Warren #313

November 17th - 18th – Brookville, District 2 Meeting

Dec. 15th – Blairsville Christmas Party


Stanley C. Hill Sr. P.A. State President 2018-2019

 Liberty, Truth, Justice and Equality