Pennsylvania State President Report
Stanley C. Hill Sr
March, 2019
3/9: I went to Gettysburg for the start of the state bowling tournament. I watched the 1st group do doubles and singles. After that I headed back home to pick-up my wife as we were invited to the District#9 Dinner-Dance. We went to Carlisle Aerie #1299 for the event. We met up with Judy, Ralph and Steve Laughman, Shirley and Rich Cosner and Bambi Snell. There was a small turn-out. The meal was good and so was the band. We had a good time there. After a while we left for the night.

3/10: We went to the District Meeting. There were many things talked about. After the meeting a meal was served. As we came down from the meeting Bob Wahls and Mike Clepper came in. We talked awhile and then we headed back home. Was a long weekend.

3/15: I went to Gettysburg for the start of the Dart Tournament, met up with John, Eric and Rick. They had 160 dart shooters to start Friday with luck of the draw. The Aerie was packed and I was told that Saturday would be even more there.

3/16: John, Debbie and I left for New Brighton Aerie. We arrived around 12:30 and met up with Clint Slima. He took us on a District tour 1st was New Castle #455 we talked with members about membership and what was happening in the Aerie. They donated $500.00 to the Cancer fund Thank you. 2nd was Ellwood City #1246 we talked with the members for a while and headed to our next stop. 3rd was Ambridge # 1365 we talked awhile with the members. The Auxiliary gave me a check for $50.00 for the cancer fund. Thank you. Then we headed to our 4th stop Freedom #1429 they had signs all over to welcome me. Thank you for that. We talked awhile when I was given a check for $100.00 for the Cancer fund. Thank you. Then we headed to New Brighton # 1342 we had dinner and Dwaine and Chrissy Shupe, John and Ruth Jordon arrived for a visit. So we talked awhile as it was a long day we headed to the hotel for the night.

3/17: We got up had breakfast at the hotel then headed to the Aerie for the District #3 Meeting. It was well attended. I was asked to speak so I did. At the end of the meeting I was given Checks from New Brighton # 1342 $500.00 and the District #3 $250.00 Thank you all so very much. Afterwards we had a meal was very good. As we had a long ride home, we headed home. Thank you District #3 and New Brighton for a wonderful weekend. Also thank you Clint for taking us on a tour of your District.

On membership we need 979 for net gain and 1873 for net gain + 2%. We need your help.

Remember I believe in each of you. If you want either John or myself to visit you must contact the State Office.

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Stanley C. Hill Sr. P.A. State President 2018-2019

 Liberty, Truth, Justice and Equality