Pennsylvania State President Report

Stanley C. Hill Sr

November 2018

On 11/3: My wife and I were invited to Carlisle # 1299 for their Celebration of the

PWP/PWMP’s and the Auxiliary Anniversary. It was very nice to see this done have

not ever seen this before. They celebrate both Aerie and Auxiliary together. we had

dinner and afterword’s were speaker’s and presentations. I was given a check for

$1000.00 for my charity Art Erhman Cancer Fund. Thank you so very much as one

whom has gone through the process this is a very dreaded disease, and so many

different type’s and its harder to find someone not affected with this so to me this

is personal and every penny helps to find a cure. Carlisle once again thank you for

having me.

11/9-10: My wife and I traveled to Warren for the keystone conference. We met up

with Ralph, Stevie and Judy Laughman, John and Debbie McFerren and many others

from across the state we a very good event. Great job Warren!! This is to help

incoming State Aerie and Auxiliary Presidents with their year was a good turn-out

and they raised $7800.00 to be split $3900.00 each.

11/16—18: John, Deb and Myself went to Brookville for District tour and meeting

arrived on Friday evening at the aerie spoke with some members went Phil Cook

came in talked awhile and headed to the hotel for the night. Mike White picked us

up Saturday morning for a tour of the District 1st was Falls Creek # 965 we were

met by Mike Delio and his wife we talked with the members and I received a check

for the Cancer fund of $250.00 Thank you. Next #2 was Reynoldsville #540 we spoke

with the members and we were met by Harold (Gordy) Dickey and I received a

check for the Cancer fund of $250.00 Thank you. Next #3 was Punxsutawney #1231

we were met by Denny their Secretary spoke with the members and I received a

check for the Cancer fund of $500.00 Thank you. Next #4 was Sykesville #4454 if

you haven’t been here since they moved to their new home you need to see it! We

spoke with the members and headed to our next stop. #5 Clearfield #812 they were

having an event for the Auxiliary we had something to eat when Robin Lumadue

came in was good to see her smile. Mike packed us up for our next stop #6 St Marys

#536 we spoke with the members and were shown the outside deck is nice place

for warm weather and I received a check for the Cancer fund of $100.00 Thank you.

we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and what a dinner it was we went

to the Golden Eagle to meet up with Phil & Bonnie Cook we had a very good meal

talked awhile and we were worn out so we went back to the hotel to rest. On

Sunday we were invited to the District meeting at Brookville #983 I was asked to

talk with the Ladies where I was given a check for the Cancer fund of $100.00 from

the Brookville Auxiliary Thank you. I spoke on what the fund was to go a try and

help. After the ladies meeting, I went to the Aerie meeting where I was given even

more monies for the Cancer fund from Clarion Aerie #3807 $1000.00 thank you and

from Brookville Aerie #983 $1000.00 Thank you. I want to thank Essie Fink for her

assistance in selling my Charity pins Thank you very much. To District #2 from John,

Deb and myself Thank you so very very much for a fantastic weekend and Driver

Mike White Thank you for taking your time to drive us around!

Remember I believe in each of you. If you want either John or myself to visit you

must contact the State Office.




Dec. 15th – Blairsville Christmas Party

March 16-17, 2019 – District #3 Tour & Meeting


Stanley C. Hill Sr. P.A. State President 2018-2019

 Liberty, Truth, Justice and Equality