Jeremy Frits                                                                         Mark Bahr
Pennsylvania State Worthy President                                State Membership Chairmen
2021-2022                                                                          2021-2022

Membership Report- November 2021

With the holiday season fast approaching it is a very good time to invite younger members to your Aerie.
Every member should ask someone to come to the Aerie at this time of year as our homes are more
inviting and busier. The Aerie may have more entertainment and events. This is normally the busiest
time of the year. It is a great time to try to get younger members to attend. Ask a fellow worker, relative
(nephew, grandchild, cousin, niece) to come and even bring a friend.

The Aerie and Auxiliary must begin investing in new tools and using these tools more effectively. The
use of websites, Facebook, e-mail, and even the FOE APP are great ways to communicate.

If you want to attract younger audiences, you must meet them where they are. That means your
website must look good, and more importantly, it must serve up what they’re looking for.

Millennials are used to receiving information that has been filtered for their interests, and your content
shouldn’t be any different. They expect stories and facts that are relevant to them preferably in easy-
to-digest chunks with lots of charts and infographics. And they want sharable social content with lots of

Across all platforms, high quality photos can help illustrate your value and show what’s happening in the
community. By capturing moments, you give current members an opportunity to humble brag about
their positive experiences in the organization.

And it shouldn’t stop with your website. Find relevant ways to deliver content. THE FOE APP offered by
Giant Killer is a great tool for Aeries that have little experience with Facebook or websites. I encourage
all Aeries to look at this tool and consider getting it or another one like it. Much of the work is done by
the company in downloading the info on the APP for your Aerie. The main point is you need to
modernize to help get younger members. Maybe you can even ask a younger member to help run the
Facebook, APP, or website.

Change is constant. We must learn to change and embrace and learn new technology.

Remember, ask a person to join our great Fraternity this month. Let’s get membership back to PRE
COVID numbers.

Have A Great Holiday,


Mark Bahr Membership Chairman

Special Occasion Permits

Permit authority
Special Occasion Permits allow eligible entities to sell alcohol during fundraising events such as bazaars, picnics, etc.

• A Special Occasion Permit may only be granted for an event used by the applicant as a means of raising funds for itself.
• Only the area where sales of alcohol will take place needs to be licensed under the permit. • Special Occasion Permits may only be used for nine consecutive or nonconsecutive days and an additional 10 consecutive days during a calendar year.

Advance Application
• An entity that has never been approved for a Special Occasion Permit before must submit an application at least 30 calendar days prior to the event for which the Special Occasion Permit is sought.
• If an entity has been granted a Special Occasion Permit in the past, a Special Occasion Permit application must be submitted at least 10 business days in advance of the event.

Review the list of eligible entities to determine if your organization and event may qualify for a Special Occasion Permit, then visit PLCB+ to apply for a permit. Paper applications will not be accepted.

Mark A Bahr
Membership Chairperson

Dear Brothers,
I would like to introduce myself as the new PA State membership Chairperson for the 2021-2022 year. My name is Mark Bahr. I am a current Secretary at Aerie #1299 (Carlisle, PA). I look forward to meeting and speaking with each of you as I travel around the state with PA State President Jeremy Frits.

The current membership in the Pennsylvania is 41026. The past year has been very challenging to get members. We need to look to the future as the COVID 19 is mainly behind us. Our goal is get membership back to 50,000. We must concentrate everyday on getting members in the door.

When I joined the FOE I read a sign in the Secretary’s office, “EMOALONMTHAEY”. I am now Secretary of the Aerie and look at that sign daily. The meaning is: Every Member Owes At Least One New Member To His Aerie Each Year.

As we look to grow membership in the coming year we need to get back to the basics. Ask every member to get a friend to join our Aerie. We need to get our members to spread the word and get their friends to join. Imagine if only a quarter of our members got another person to join. The state membership would grow by 10,256 and be over our 50000 members.

The PA State Aerie has authorized membership prizes as follows:
1. The top zone producers for each month have their choice of a hooded sweatshirt or a $30.00 prize.
2. The top district producer has a choice of a leather receipt holder of a $10.00 prize.
Win a Trip to The PA State Convention:

Pennsylvania will have (4) four prizes that a member can win for a trip to the PA State Convention in Erie, PA on June 10-12, 2022 at the Ambassador Conference Center. The trip will include two nights lodging, convention registration, and $100 for gas. Any member that signs up a member will receive one entry for the trip. There is no cash value for the trip. If a winning member declines the trip the prize will be awarded to another member.

I look forward to seeing you all soon. Let us all work to get to 50,000 members in 2022. Get a friend to join today and get your members to get a friend to join.

Mark A Bahr, Membership Chairperson